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2400-block E 12th Ave & N Grandview Hwy

Grandview-Woodland Community Plan | Implementation

This provides a follow-up to the open house held on Thursday, September 26th about the land-use of the 2400-block E 12th Ave & N Grandview Highway. Please provide your feedback by filling out this survey. 
Thank you for participating in this process. Your feedback is important and will be reported back to City Council. Responses will be aggregated and anonymized. 
1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.
RM-8A  + RM-12 SW  Grandview Highway Thumbnail - number and zoning-01 

Please indicate your level of support for Recommendation #1, the preferred land-use option, which combines RM-8A (residential townhouses) with RM-12N (arterial townhouse):
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