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Climate Leaders Application Form


Thank you for your interest in the City of Vancouver’s Climate Leaders pilot program!

Addressing equity and sustainability are City priorities and the Adaptation Strategy, Resilient Vancouver Strategy and Climate Emergency Action Plan will have a tremendous impact on the lives of Vancouverites as we mitigate against and prepare for climate change. We know that not everyone equally contributes to nor is affected by climate change.

The Vancouver Community Climate Leaders pilot program will provide training to help you facilitate dialogues on climate action and climate preparedness. Your conversations will bring awareness to the issue of climate change while also helping your friends, colleagues, family or neighbours to take action to prepare for and reduce impacts from a changing climate. The tools and resources offered through the program are customizable and designed to help you engage your community, friends, family or neighbours in working together to prepare for climate impacts.

As a pilot leader you will be integral in providing feedback on the program and helping us improve it prior to a broader roll-out.

  • The estimated time commitment for the Climate Leaders program is anticipated to be about 2 hrs for training and then about 1 hr for event prep and a minimum of hosting at least one dialogue, at a time and venue of your choosing. Dialogue lengths can be determined by your group, (you may choose to host a 1 hr dialogue or make it a picnic and have a discussion over a meal which may be 3 hrs long).
  • The City is looking for Climate Leaders who are available for either a late July/August training start, or a September start.
  • It is anticipated that the training will occur virtually (online)
  • As a Leader, you will have access to resources and funding to help you carry out your climate conversations and actions.

There are only 30 spots available for this pilot program. Applicants will be selected to be part of our first pilot cohort of Climate Leaders on a rolling basis. If you have any questions or concerns about the application, contact City staff at