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Indoor Air Temperature Survey - Summer 2021

Measuring Indoor Temperature Survey - Summer 2021

Summer 2021 has been hotter and drier than usual, and with climate change we can expect this to be the “new normal.” Heat has dangerous effects, both at home and throughout the city. Children, pets, people 65 years and older, people with chronic conditions, people on certain medications, and people with other health risks are especially at risk. Even healthy people who do a lot of physical activity or work or live in a hot building are at risk.

In partnership, the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Coastal Health are collecting information about indoor temperatures to better understand the relationship between indoor and outdoor temperatures across the region. Information collected here, including specific information about your building, will help us to better understand the associated impacts of heat on your health now and in the future.

You can help us by telling us how hot it is getting where you live and sleep.

In this survey, we will ask you to record the indoor temperature in your home three times a day between Wednesday August 11th and Sunday August 15th. You can submit the data once after August 14th or daily. Any data helps!
  1. The indoor temperature in your home when you wake up in the morning, noting the time
  2. The highest indoor temperature of your home that day, noting the time (or the temperature inside your home between 1 and 4 PM)
  3. The indoor temperature just before you go to bed, noting the time
If you are measuring the temperature with a freestanding thermometer, try to take the temperature in the middle of the room, at approximately 5 feet off the floor and make sure there is no direct sunlight on the thermometer. Ultimately, the thermometer is meant to reflect your experience in your home.

There's also an option on the next page to upload an Excel file with your indoor temperature if you have that.

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