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2022 SRA-Designated Rooms Annual Rent Roll Form

Welcome to the Single Room Accommodation (SRA) annual rent roll submission form.

As part of the Vacancy Control Policy for SRA-designated properties enacted on December 8, 2021, non-government owned Single Room Accommodation (SRA) operators are required to submit a rent roll for all rooms in their SRA-designated property by January 31 on an annual basis. The submission will be through this secure online form.

The License By-law (section 25.1A) now requires that every single room accommodation operator must submit the rent roll to the Chief Licence Inspector by January 31 of each year. The By-law defines a Single Room Accommodation operator as a "person that provides rental housing to tenants in designated rooms” in any building designated as single room accommodation pursuant to the Single Room Accommodation By-law.

Please use the login information (username and password) mailed to you in January 2022 to access this form. You can save and resume a session by logging in to continue filling the form. 

Failure to submit the required information by January 31 or submitting false or misleading information or the omission of any facts in this form may be subject to enforcement. Enforcement may include prosecution for offences under the new by-laws, convictions on which can attract liability for fines of up to $10,000 per contravention, per day.

If you have questions or have any problems with your login please contact or call (604) 829 - 9275 for guidance.
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