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Social Enterprise Request for Information

Social value business information

This survey has 47 questions which will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
1. Provide the following details about your social value business:
3. Are you currently a vendor with the City of Vancouver?
4. Indicate your social and environmental certifications, or type of social value business based on being owned or controlled by an under-represented, marginalized or equity-seeking population (including but not limited to non-profit (social enterprise), cooperative, women, Indigenous Peoples, immigrants, refugees, and visible minorities, persons with disabilities or LGBTQ+ people). Check all that apply: *This question is required.
  • Majority owned or controlled by:
5. Social value business certification:Check all that apply.
6. Other certifications:Check all that apply.
7. Describe the relationship between the non-profit or charity and your social enterprise:
7. What purpose(s) does your social enterprise support? Check all that apply: